Nuclear Criticality Safety Program (NCSP) Technical Program Review - 2023

February 21–23, 2023
Hosted by: Sandia National Laboratories


NCSP Management Team

Angela Chambers, DOE NNSA (NA-ESH-21), NCSP Program Manager
Doug Bowen, ORNL, Execution Manager
John Miller, Sandia, CEdT Manager
Marsha Henley, ORNL, Program Execution Support
Contact the team: ncsp-mgmt [at] (ncsp-mgmt[at]llnl[dot]gov)


DAY 1 — February 21, 2023


Angela Chamber (DOE NNSA) FY23 NCSP Technical Program Review
Dr. David Epp, Senior Manager,
Nuclear Facilities and Applied Technologies
Welcome from Sandia National Laboratory Management
Doug Bowen (ORNL/NCSP) The Purpose of the DOE/NNSA Nuclear Criticality Safety Program Technical Program Review
Dave Hayes (CSSG) The DOE CSSG: 2022 the Year in Review


NCSP Task Manager Invited Site Reports
Joetta Goda (LANL) LANL FY22 NCSP Highlights
Catherine Percher (LLNL) LLNL FY22 NCSP Overview Task Manager Report
Sylvia Wright-Reeder (MSTS) To be received
Doug Bowen (ORNL) ORNL NCSP FY 2022 Budget Summary and Highlights
Travis Zipperer (PNNL) PNNL Budget Summary and Highlights
Yaron Danon (RPI) NCSP Related Nuclear Data Research at RPI
Gary Harms (SNL) The NCSP at Sandia in FY22
David Erickson,
Scott Finfrock (SRS)
FY22 CritView Status & Database Expansion
Kevin Reynolds (Y-12) Y-12 Task Manager FY 2022 Summary
Gustavo Nobre (BNL) BNL Site Report for the NCSP Technical Program Review


International Collaborations
Matthew Harker (AWE) AWE (UK) Collaborations Progress and Look Ahead
Alexis Jinaphanh (CEA) Update of CEA DES Criticality-Safety Activities and Perspectives
Sophie Pignet (IRSN) IRSN Work in Support to NCSP: FY2022



FY22 Information Preservation And Dissemination (IPD) Technical Presentations
Doug Bowen (ORNL)
Tim Valentine (ORNL)
Nuclear Criticality Safety Repository, Radiation Safety Information Computational Center (RSICC), & NDA Program Discussion


DAY 2 — February 22, 2023


FY22 Integral Experiments (IE) Technical Presentations
Cole Kostelac (LANL) IER 517: MOBY DICK CED-1 Overview
Joetta Goda (LANL) IER 557: Godiva IV Reproducibility
Rene Sanchez (LANL) IER 488: MUSiC: Critical Configurations Benchmark Update
Kris Ogren (LANL) IER 488: MUSiC: Reactivity Estimates Using Pulsed Neutron Source Methods
Jesson Hutchinson (LANL) EUCLID Experiment Design and Execution
Cole Kostelac (LANL) IER 579: Pile Oscillator
Rob Weldon (LANL) Godiva IV Radiation Signature Ringing
Mathieu Dupont (ORNL) FY22 ORNL Integral Experiment Work
Riley Cumberland (ORNL) Godiva IV CAAS Shielding Benchmark: Pre CED-3A Overview
Garrett McMath (LANL) IER 498: Overview of Godiva Shielding Benchmark Critical Experiment
Nick Whitman (LANL) Updates on IER-153 Prompt Fission Uranium Neutron Spectrum (PFUNS) and IER-518 Joint LLNL, LANL, IRSN, High-Multiplication Measurements
Kristin Stolte (LANL) IER 423: High-Fidelity Measurements and Update for Flattop-HEU Benchmark Reevaluation
Nick Thompson (LANL) IER 121: Updates on the NeSO benchmark
David Ames (SNL)
Mathieu Dupont (ORNL)
IER 441: Experiments to Measure the Effect of Tantalum on Critical Systems
Gary Harms (SNL) IER 305: Molybdenum Sleeve Experiments in the Sandia Critical Experiments Facility
Mac Cook (SNL) IER 523: Design of a UO2-BeO Critical Experiment at Sandia
Daniel Siefman (LLNL) IER 501: Pulsed Neutron Die Away Experiments at LLNL
Eric Aboud (LLNL) IER 479: Final Design of Low Temperature TEX Experiments
Jesse Norris (LLNL) IER 297: HMM-021, TEX-HEU Baselines Benchmark
IER 532: TEX-Hf Update
Aaron Tamashiro (LLNL) IER 538: International Dosimetry Intercomparison Exercise with Godiva-IV
Will Zywiec (LLNL) IER 500: AWE-LLNL Measurement Campaign at DAF
Jesse Norris (LLNL) IER 518: High Multiplication Subcritical Benchmark Experiments at SNL
Eric Aboud (LLNL) IER 520 and IER 553: Final Design for Follow-on Plutonium TEX Configurations
Jeremy Bez (IRSN) TEX-MOX Design Updates


FY22 Training and Education (TE) Technical Presentations
Doug Bowen (ORNL) ORNL NCSP Training and Education Support for FY 2022
Alex Lang (ORNL) Oak Ridge Subcritical Assembly Final Design and Current Progress



DAY 3 — February 23, 2023


FY22 Nuclear Data (ND) Technical Presentations (continued)
Chris Chapman (ORNL) Applying Methodology for Evaluating and Validating TSLs to Materials of Interest to NCSP
Kemal Ramic (ORNL) Status of ORNL TSL evaluations
Dorothea Wiarda (ORNL) Recent Developments in the R-Matrix Code SAMMY
Marco Pigni (ORNL) ORNL R-matrix Analyses for Non-Fissile Materials within NCSP
Ayman Hawari (NCSU) Progress of Thermal Neutron Scattering Research at NCSU
Sukhjinder Singh (RPI) Neutron Capture and Transmission Measurements and Evaluation of 54Fe at the RPI LINAC
Alec Golas (RPI) Enabling URR Self Shielding Functionality in SAMMY
Peter Brain (RPI) Fast Neutron Evaluations for Advanced Lead Systems
Greg Siemers (RPI) New Cross Section Measurements and Evaluation of Zr Isotopes
Gustavo Nobre (BNL) Pathway to ENDF/B-VIII.1
David Brown (BNL) Status of the ADVANCE CI/CD
Denise Neudecker (LANL)
Amy Lovell (LANL)
Evaluations for 235,238U and 239Pu fission-source term observables
Mike Herman (LANL) Internally consistent 181Ta evaluation
Esther Leal Cidoncha (LANL) Measurement of the neutron-induced capture-to-fission cross section ratio in 233U at LANSCE
Paul Koehler (LANL) 95Mo neutron capture and transmission final results
Matt Devlin (LANL) Status of the measurement of the 240Pu(n,f) prompt fission neutron spectrum on LANSCE
Mark Paris (LANL) Light element evaluations for neutrons on 6Li, 9Be, and 16O (ND2)
Lucas Snyder (LLNL) Scoping Study of a Proposed fission TPC Measurement of 233U(n,f)/235U(n,f) Cross Section Ratio


FY22 Invited Talks & Technical Presentations
Alex Lang (ORNL)
Bob Wilson (DOE-EM)
NCSP Support for DOE Environmental Management through DOE-EM NCS Needs Program
Theresa Cutler (LANL) Deimos Critical Experiment Next Generation Small Nuclear Reactors
Travis Grove (LANL) Lessons Learned in Experiment Design and Execution
Eloura Phelps (LANL) Processes, Engineering, and Inter-Organizational Coordination to Enable LANL NCERC Operations
Angela Chambers (DOE NNSA) Final Remarks