Focus Areas: Integral Experiment


The purpose of the Integral Experiment (IE) element is to provide a sustainable infrastructure and a systematic, interactive process to assess, design, perform, and document integral criticality safety-related benchmark-quality experiments to support safe and efficient fissionable material operations. A Critical/Subcritical Experiment Design Team (CEdT) process is established to provide a systematic and efficient means to identify, design, approve, execute and document all new integral experiments. The CEdT process begins when a Requestor Accesses the IE Database and submits an Integral Experiment Request (IER) Form. Guidance on the CEdT Process is given in the Critical/Subcritical Experiment Design Team (CEdT) Process Manual. For classified requests, contact the CEdT Manager, John Miller, at millerj [at] or Dr. Doug Bowen, at bowendg [at] as backup.