Nuclear Data Overview

Nuclear Data Program Objective

One of the objectives of the Nuclear Data (ND) program element of the NCSP is to solve the highest priority nuclear data problems relevant to criticality safety in a timely manner. The “Nuclear Data Request” link on the NCSP website is intended to actively engage the criticality safety end-users to identify their nuclear data needs to allow effective use of NCSP resources to meet those needs.

The ND program element includes the measurement, evaluation, testing, and publication of neutron cross-section data for nuclides of high importance to nuclear criticality safety applications. Criticality safety end-users are encouraged to identify their nuclear data needs by submitting a Nuclear Data Request to the NCSP Nuclear Data Advisory Group (NDAG), which provides recommendations to the NCSP Program Manager on prioritization of the technical resources of the ND program element. Submission of a Nuclear Data Request initiates cooperation between the data requestor and NCSP Nuclear Data program element to meet those needs.

Completing the Nuclear Data Request Form

When you complete the Nuclear Data Request form, items with an asterisk (*) are required. Guidelines for submitting a request and a sample Nuclear Data Request are provided. Submission of the form will forward the request to the NDAG chair, Michael.Zerkle [at] (Mike Zerkle), heinrichs1 [at] (Dave Heinrichs), pignimt [at] (Marco Pigni), rcl [at] (Bob Little), and the ncsp-mgmt [at] (NCSP Management team).

Submit a Nuclear Data Request

Access to the Form

DOE or DOE contractors with a laboratory email extension (e.g.,,, etc.) generally have automatic access to the NDR link of the NCSP Website without requiring a user ID and password. Otherwise, if an individual would like to submit a request and is not authorized to access this area of the NCSP website, the individual should contact the NDAG chair, Michael.Zerkle [at] (Mike Zerkle) to request approval for access.

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