About CritView

The CritView code is used as an electronic equivalent of a nuclear criticality handbook (e.g., ARH-600). CritView includes an electronic library of critical data and allows the user to select and display various parameters in units of interest as well as include additional user-supplied data.

For example, a plot showing the relationship between critical radius and concentration can be converted to show the relationship between critical mass and concentration instead. Similarly, if the plot shows concentration in units of g/cc it can be easily changed to g/L or another unit. Other major functionality includes the ability to compare curves, to list out the data points in a curve, and to export the plot to a graphics file for use in a document.

ARH-600 and other data are best estimate and do not include uncertainty or bias; therefore, CritView is intended primarily as a scoping and visualization tool. Care must be employed if the data is used directly in criticality safety analyses. 



Download CritView Windows executable, software version 1.04, database version 1.08

View the CritView User's Guide

ARH-600 and CritView – A Brief History

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