Sample Nuclear Data Request

Completing the Nuclear Data Request Form

When you complete the Nuclear Data Request form, items with an asterisk (*) are required. Guidelines for submitting a request are provided. Submission of the form will forward the request to the NDAG chair, Michael.Zerkle [at] (Mike Zerkle)heinrichs1 [at] (Dave Heinrichs)pignimt [at] (Marco Pigni)rcl [at] (Bob Little), and the ncsp-mgmt [at] (NCSP Management team).

Submit a Nuclear Data Request

Sample Form

Name* John Doe
Email* john.doe [at] (john[dot]doe[at]somefacility[dot]com)
Organization* International Reprocessing Facility, Ltd.
Target Nuclide* Np-237
Reaction/Process* n, fission
Incident Energy Range* Thermal – 1 MeV
Requested Accuracy* ±5%        up to 1 keV
±10%      1 keV – 2 Mev
Application Area* Reprocessing, fabrication and storage of Advanced Recycle Reactor (ARR) Fuel
Justification ARR fuel contain a much higher content of Np-237 than conventional LWR fuel.  Improved data for the Np-237 fission cross section, particularly from thermal through the resonance region (~ 1 keV) will reduce conservative margins in processing volumes.
Impact* Analyses have not yet been performed to quantify the improved throughput and cost reductions to be achieved with uncertainty reduction in the reactivity of these processing streams.