Hands-On Course Descriptions

The following DOE NCSP courses are FREE to participants with no tuition fee. Questions regarding these courses may be directed to the NCSP T&E Manager, Doug Bowen at bowen@ornl.gov. Questions regarding the application process may be directed to Becka Hudson at hudson14@llnl.gov.

Two-Week Hands-On Training for Criticality Safety Engineers

This course is designed to satisfy the ANSI/ANS-8.26, "Criticality Safety Engineer Training and Qualification Program", requirement for hands-on experimental training for criticality safety engineers. Thus, this class is intended for new criticality safety professionals with a background in nuclear engineering, physics, mathematics, or related technical field.

This two course consists of a 1st week of academic classroom training at either the National Atomic Testing Museum (NATM) or Nevada Field Office Nevada Support Facility (NSF) followed by a 2nd week of hands-on experimental training at ether the National Critical Experiment Research Center (NCERC) or Sandia National Laboratories (SNL).

An information booklet describing this course and containing the course syllabus, prerequisites, and useful travel information is available here.

Two-week hands-on training courses for criticality safety engineers available now:

Apply for Aug 14-18 at NATM and Aug 21-25 at either NCERC* or SNL

*Q or TS/CNWDI clearance required for access to NCERC. No clearance required for access to NATM or SNL.


Hands-On Training for Managers

This course is designed for Managers with criticality safety responsibilities, fissile material handlers, regulatory personnel and process supervisors. The one-week long course and is offered at either the National Critical Experiment Research Center (NCERC) or Sandia National Laboratories (SNL).

The purpose of this course is to provide an experimental hands-on training experience addressing important characteristics of neutron-multiplying systems including : awareness of fissile material in process operations, along with discussion of the theory and implications for safety of fissionable material operations; awareness and understanding of DOE mandates developed specifically for fissile material operators, process supervisors, and managers with NCS responsibilities, regarding application of DOE Orders, Guides, Rules, ANS standards in performance of criticality safety evaluations that meet DOE standards and hazards analysis methods and implementation/maintenance of NCS controls, with respect to the roles and responsibilities of all those who are involved. A 1-week Manager Course Information Booklet that provides the course syllabus, prerequisites, and travel information is available.