Focus Areas: Program Management


Welcome to the official web site of the U. S. Department of Energy Nuclear Criticality Safety Program (NCSP).

The NCSP is funded by the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA).

Dr. Angela Chambers, NA-511, is the NCSP Manager with management support from Dr. Doug Bowen (, Ms. Lori Scott (, and John Miller ( along with Task Managers from the national laboratories.

Dr. Chambers is also supported by three advisory groups: The Criticality Safety Support Group (CSSG) and Nuclear Data Advisory Group (NDAG) for technical matters, and the Criticality Safety Coordinating Team (CSCT) for criticality safety issues encountered in the field.

NCSP Management Team

Angela Chambers

Dr. Angela Chambers
NCSP Manager

Doug Bowen Dr. Doug Bowen
Program Execution Manager

Lori Scott Lori Scott
Program Execution Support

John Miller John Miller
CEdT Manager


The NCSP mission is to provide sustainable, expert leadership, direction, and the technical infrastructure necessary to develop, maintain and disseminate the essential tools, training, and data required to support safe, efficient fissionable material operations within the DOE. This website is the central focal point for access to criticality safety information provided by the NCSP.


The NCSP will be a continually improving, adaptable, and transparent program that communicates and collaborates globally to incorporate technology, practices, and programs to be responsive to the essential technical needs of those responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining nuclear criticality safety. Communication resources include: