Nuclear Data Advisory Group

About the Nuclear Data Advisory Group

The Nuclear Data Advisory Group (NDAG) gathers and evaluates differential and integral nuclear data, identifies deficiencies, and recommends priorities on meeting DOE criticality safety needs to the Criticality Safety Support Group (CSSG) and NCSP Manager. Then the NDAG identifies the required resources and unique capabilities for meeting these needs, not only for performing measurements but also for data evaluation with nuclear model codes as well as for data processing for criticality safety applications.

The NDAG coordinates this effort with the leadership of the National Nuclear Data Center (NNDC), the Cross Section Evaluation Working Group (CSEWG), and the Working Party on International Evaluation Cooperation (WPEC) of the OECD/NEA Nuclear Science Committee. The overall objective is to expedite the issuance of new data and methods to the DOE criticality safety user. The document below describes these activities in detail, with examples based upon special studies being performed in support of criticality safety for a variety of DOE operations.

The NDAG conducts work in accordance with a Charter as approved by the NCSP Manager.

NDAG Members

The NDAG members consist of a Chair with members representing several important areas of expertise, experience and responsibility:

  • Nuclear data specialists including experimentalists, evaluators and data processors
  • Criticality safety experts from the major DOE sites
  • Program management and technical leadership from NCSP elements including nuclear data, critical experiments, benchmarking, and analytical methods


Member List

Michael Zerkle Michael Zerkle (Chair)
Michael.Zerkle [at]
Bret Beck Bret Beck
beck6 [at]
John D. Bess John D. Bess
john.bess [at]
David A. Brown David A. Brown
dbrown [at]
Yaron Danon Yaron Danon
danony [at]
Isabelle Duhamel Isabelle Duhamel
isabelle.duhamel [at]
Michael Dunn Michael Dunn
Spectra Tech
mdunn [at]
Klaus H. Guber Klaus H. Guber
guberkh [at]
Gary Harms Gary Harms
gaharms [at]
Ayman Hawari Ayman Hawari
aihawari [at]
David K. Hayes David K. Hayes
dkhayes [at]
David P. Heinrichs David P. Heinrichs
heinrichs1 [at]
Michael W. Herman Michael W. Herman
LANL, mwherman [at]
Luiz Leal Luiz Leal
IRSN, luiz.leal [at]
Robert C. Little Robert C. Little
rcl [at]
B. J. Marshall B. J. Marshall
marshallwj [at]
Marco Pigni Marco Pigni
pignimt [at]
Fredrik K. Tovesson Fredrik K. Tovesson
ftovesson [at]
Tim Trumbull Tim Trumbull
timothy.trumbull [at]
Morgan Curtis White Morgan Curtis White
morgan [at]


Ex-officio Members

Angela S. Chambers Angela S. Chambers
angela.chambers [at]
Doug Bowen Doug Bowen
bowendg [at]